Your party – unforgettable!

Out of the crowd – with a party concept that has it in itself!

You run a bar, a club or a disco? You organize the celebration for your club or circle of friends? Partybroker is the idea to bring new momentum into your party concepts. All you need is a computer or a tablet with Internet connection and off you go to your beer party party. Since the prices are directly dependent on the purchasing behavior of the guests in the case of beer market or party stock software such as party brokers, the software is a unique opportunity to involve the guests in party events. For you as a gas provider, only a small amount of money is required, since every sold drink must be reported on a PC, tablet or mobile phone by clicking or pushing the button to the party broker system. The rest is made by party brokers!

  • Offer your guests something new! Partybroker actively involves your guests in party events!
  • Pull yourself off from the boring Partymasse! The party broker stays in the heads!
  • As an organizer, you can manage as many Partybroker events as you wish.
  • Put as many drinks as you can, give maximum and minimum prices, and off you go!
  • Optimized surfaces for the use by your bar team and the display for the guests on beamer or TV are guaranteed to fit into your party concept


You can add as many drinks as you like. The price range can be given individually for each drink. Be sure to give your drinks the best names and colors.