The party from the cloud

No Download – All you need is a current browser on your desktop PC, notebook or mobile device!

The use of Partybroker is just as easy as reading this site. Partybroker runs completely in the browser. So you only need a PC, tablet or mobile phone with internet connection and a monitor or beamer. Of course, you can use as many devices as you want for your party. This allows you to connect any number of devices behind the bar and any number of screens for the guests at the same time – all of them are connected live via the Internet and receive the same prices and events. If you have technical questions, please feel free to contact our community.

We run Partybroker in the Cloud of Amazon Web Services (AWS). This makes Amazon incredible stable and scalable. Please see here for our Realtime Uptime Report.

  • No installation required. As software as a service Partybroker runs in every current browser.
  • In full-screen mode of Chrome or a current tablet, the software looks the best!
  • Both the barteam and the guest interface can be run simultaneously on any number of computers or mobile devices.
  • The guest surface (clientscreen) looks best on videobeamer or large screen TV, for the Barteam a simple computer with keyboard or a mobile device is enough. But please think of moisture protection! 😉


With the F11 key, you can switch your browser into full-screen mode. Press the F11 key again to close the fullscreen mode again.