Partybroker? Drink stock exchange party? WTF?

The good thing about the concept: Most do not know it yet!

If you do not know Partybroker …

Drink prices are usually predefined at bar, in discos or at parties. The interaction between guests and the bar is generally limited to ordering and spending. We thought: There’s more! More fun, variety and playful celebration – and have developed Partybroker, the free software for bar stock market parties.

Partybroker – demand-dependent beverage prices

At Partybroker, the prices for drinks at your party are dependent on demand. Strong demand is causing prices to rise, with low demand, prices are lower. Your guests can react directly to the beverage prices and even influence them directly with their purchasing behavior – just like with a stock market. And if the prices are very high, the risk of a stock exchange crash rises. During a stock exchange crash you will have all drinks at the minimum price. The prices move in a price frame set by the host and rise and fall according to a given system.

And how does it work?

Partybroker is a web-based software for beer stock market parties. You can use the software on any browser, on any PC, tablet or mobile phone or even connect your POS-system of choice to automatically synchronize prices and orders. After registering, configure your beer stock, create drinks and define their minimum and maximum prices. After that you can start the party, the beer exchange or the drinks exchange, where we offer a special interface for your barteam (barscreen) and a personal interface for your guests (clientscreen). The clientscreen looks more chic and contains all important information for the guests (prices, price changes, stock exchange risk). The barscreen contains all the information for your bartenders, but it also allows you to add drinks (keyboard, mouse or touch screen) as well as the adhoc setting of beverage prices. All screens can of course be launched on any number of devices, so you can also run a party with many distributed bars and many guest displays or beamers quite easily.