Börsenparty des Students' Life e.V. in Ingolstadt

Recent Partybroker Parties

Send us links to your picture galleries on your websites or social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and we will link your party! Here are some pictures of current party broker parties to which we have received the links.

The following list doesn’t contain all party broker parties that took place in the past, of course. Instead, we only publish the parties whose picture galleries we found or got sent.

September 2022

    • Fox of Wallstreet 2022

Short covid break. 😉

November 2018

  • Stock Market Party at Rotaract Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany (Pics)

Oktober 2018

  • Drink Stock Market at Kingston 46, Grünstadt, Germany (Event)

September 2018

  • The Fox of Wallstreet Party, Fouhren, Luxemburg (Pics)

Juli 2018

  • Shakes’Beer Stock Market Party at Oberhof, Germany (Event)

Juni 2018

  • Fachschaftsrat Wirtschaft, University Emden, Germany (Pics)
  • DAX Party 2018 at Kellerclub Stuz in Clausthal (Pics)

April 2018

  • Techfest, Oriental Institute of Science and Technology, Bhopal, Indien
  • Börsencrashparty Freiwillige Feuerwehr Kapelleramt, Austria (Event)
  • Börsenwache of Burschenschaft Allmannshausen, Germany
  • SHTRS Stock Exchange Party at Shooters in the Discothek Shooters in Wedel, Germany (Event)

March 2018

  • Stock Exchange Party im Studenterhus Aarhus (Event)

February 2018

  • Tangrintlmania die Zweite beim TV Hemau (Video)
  • Immer Freitags im Firce and Ice in Wildau (Fotos)
  • Tangrintlmania beim TV Hemau (Fotos)

December 2017

  • Joey’s Bierbörse im Joy Henstedt-Ulzburg (Event)
  • CRI meets Wolf of Wallstreet Party im Pony (Event)

Oktober 2017

  • Wallstreet for Heroes Party im Liquid in Deggendorf (Event)

September 2017

  • FANCY S*** – Krasse Getränkebörse im ETAGE EINS Club in Offenburg (Fotos)
  • The Fox of Wallstreet 2017 by the Club des Jeunes Fouhren from Luxemburg

August 2017

  • Börsencrash Party beim JGV Ehlingen (Foto)

June 2017

  • Börsenparty im Nest (Foto)

May 2017

  • 3rd Black Wallstreet im Brennerei Club Mels (Foto)

January 2017

  • Beer’n’Brokers in der Zapfanstalt Dresden (Event)

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