In a nutshell – FAQs

What kind of computer do I need for the party brokers?

An average computer with a half-way operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux) or a current smartphone or tablet is completely sufficient. All you need is a current browser (best Google Chrome) and a not too slow Internet connection.

Is the use of Partybroker really free?

Yes, the use of the Bar Stock Exchange software, both in private and in commercial settings, is free of charge in the basic version. In addition, we offer a cost-effective Partybroker premium version for professional use.

How many clients and screens can I use at the same time?

The number of usable clients is unlimited and limited only by our server resources. That means you can use as many barcreens as you can, as many client screens as you want.

How many drinks can I create?

You can create as many drinks as you want for each party. However, a maximum of 12 beverages have proved their worth, as the overview for bar staff as well as for the guests with more drinks suffers.

Can I react to changing demand during the party?

You can, of course, adjust the price increase and the price drop for each drink during the party. This allows you to react to unexpected demand fluctuations to avoid excessive unwanted price fluctuations.

When will stock market crashes take place?

The higher the price of drinks, the higher the stock risk. If your drinks prices are exactly between minimum and maximum price, the risk is = 0. If all your prices are at the maximum, the risk is 50%. The stock exchange risk indicates the probability of an exchange crash occurring at the next price update.

Can I influence the stock exchange risk?

Yes, you can define a factor in the settings of your party. You can use this value to increase or reduce the probability of exchange crashes or to completely switch off stock exchange crashes. There you can also influence the duration of stock market crashes.

Can I run Exchange Crash Manually?

Yes, you can manually create an exchange crash in every bar screen.

Where is my data stored?

Since the core parts of the program run on our web server, your master data and drinks are also stored there. Of course these data are not accessible to third parties and will not be passed on to third parties. Of course you have to agree to the data storage on our server (see GTC).

The software is not working properly with me, what can I do?

Do you use a reasonable browser? Install the latest Google Chrome to avoid this possibility. Do you have a secure, fast Internet connection? If this does not help you, just contact us.